Rental from retail shops and restaurants is an important stream of revenue for hotels and theme parks. They are an indispensable element in the total hospitality experience of travelers at the venue. It makes good business sense to invest in technologies to enhance the level of customer satisfaction for both the tenants and their customers.

  • NEC's proven Point-of-sale Systems are known to be user-friendly. POS helps retail shops to increase productivity and improve customer service which results in more purchases and better profits. NEC POS is flexible and scalable. It is a complete solution with POS hardware, software and even customized application development.
  • Digital Signage is becoming more popular with shopping malls and fast food restaurants. It can be used to display merchandise, menus, promotions, daily specials, events or education information customized to the needs of customers.
  • Self-service information kiosks provide shop information (product items, pricing, promotion, other locations, etc.) to the customers at their own. They help to shorten the time to wait for an available staff to attend to the customers.
  • All merchandise can be tagged with RFID technology for easy inventory management. Customers can easily place any item near the RFID terminal (say, behind the mirror) and the LCD display next to it will show all the relevant data (e.g. availability of sizes, colors, accessories, etc.) The technology works to save manpower while improving response time to customers.
  • For the convenience of the guests, the same RFID guest room access card can also be used as e-wallet, e-ticketing as well as loyalty cards. Purchases at retail outlets and bills from restaurants in the same hotel or theme park can be charged to the same card.