There is an increasing trend for hotels and theme parks to adopt advanced control and security measures to raise the level of security in their hospitality or entertainment complex.

Asset Management

It's time to stop hotel guests or visitors who take away items that are rightful properties of the hotels or theme parks. RFID technology can improve internal operational efficiencies by making sure that all mobile assets are electronically tagged and can be traced at any point in time. Valuable items are radio tagged and alarms are automatically triggered if the items are being removed illegally.

Visitor Management System

It is equipped with a card reader that allows the authentication of visitors' fingerprints against the ones stored in visitors' identity cards.

Automated Time & Attendance System

It can deploy either RFID or Biometric Access Control technologies to keep track of the exact clock-in and clock-out time of all staff working at the venue. It provides accurate details of staff's daily time and attendance to facilitate payroll management.

Video Surveillance

NEC is a leading provider of digital video surveillance systems based on IP cameras. Digital comes with many advanced features, including motion detection and camera control. Video Motion Detection is a standard feature of the NEC Video Surveillance Solution and can include exclusion zones. Motion detection can also be utilized to generate alarms when required. Other features enhanced by the digital technology are the simultaneous display of live and recorded images and playback search functions based on time and activity.