Professional ceiling microphone array – for exceptional audio quality and minimal visibility

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio. Easily installed and affordable, the Ceiling Microphone Array delivers unbeatable conferencing sound with the most unobtrusive microphone placement option. Three, wide-range microphones are mounted together into a single unit array, providing the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones while maintaining full 360-degree overage.

Features :

  • Superior audio performance
  • Built-in, low-cut filter, rejects unwanted noise and increases intelligibility
  • Three, wide-range microphones in each unit provide full, 360-degree audio pickup for medium to large conference rooms, overflow areas and training rooms
  • Individual microphones in each array utilize ClearOne's powerful, auto-mixer features for the exceptional audio
  • Adaptive ambient gating controls constantly adjust to changing environmental noise and counteract unwanted audio.
  • First Microphone Priority eliminates any hollow-sounding audio by balancing the elements, focusing audio pickup on the person speaking and maximizing audio clarity.
  • Compatibility and Expandability
  • Optimized to work with ClearOne mixers - CONVERGE Pro, INTERACT Pro, INTERACT Pro 8i, INTERACT AT
  • Frees up table space while maintaining superior audio performance
  • Drop-ceiling installation is simple, with different options of RJ45 Cat 5/6/7, plenum-rated cables to match your needs
  • Multiple* ceiling microphone arrays can be connected to any ClearOne mixer for covering a large room space
  • Standard CAT5 Ethernet cable runs back to the mixer
  • Includes 12” and 24” drop-down cables for varying ceiling heights
  • The number of ceiling microphone arrays depends on the maximum number of microphone inputs supported by the mixer.
  • WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase