Deliver wired-like performance and predictability to your mobile users with our Wireless LAN 9100, which puts your business-critical application needs first. Providing application-level visibility and control, you can help ensure your wireless network delivers uncompromised access to the applications and services your users value most—and is not crippled by bandwidth-hogging personal applications.

Adapt to changing business requirements and protect your investment against inevitable increases in capacity demands with an upgradeable wireless solution that is robust and simple to operate. Integrated architecture reduces your equipment requirements and costs, and helps ensure that everything you need for a high-performance wireless LAN is built into each wireless access point.

Wireless done right can be a strategic IT advantage that enables your employees to do more than ever before.

1. Take Control with Application Control

Deliver predictable application performance to your mobile users, even under heavy network load, by prioritizing critical applications, restricting usage of bandwidth-heavy applications, and blocking restricted applications from the network.

2. Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Management

Improve the user experience by maximizing your use of RF resources. Whether you require roaming assistance for sticky clients, Bonjour optimization, load balancing across radios, or HoneyPot support, the latest wireless LAN capabilities will let you optimize your wireless spectrum.

3. Keep Up With Business Growth

Future proof your network with a technology upgrade path to 802.11ac and other wireless technologies—without replacing any equipment.

High-Performance Indoor Access Points

Designed for ease of deployment, these indoor Access Points with integrated controllers deliver superior flexibility and performance for low to medium density user needs. Ideal for office spaces, classrooms, hotel rooms, and similar applications, these Access Points have two radios with omni-directional antennas. Indoor APs include 802.11n and 802.11ac APs (2x2 and 3x3 MIMO options).

High-Performance Outdoor Access Points

Built to withstand harsh outdoor weather or the most grueling environmental conditions, the outdoor Wireless LAN Access Point 9122 lets you extend wireless coverage outdoors. The dual radio, 802.11n Access Point comes with two lightning-protected RP-TNC style connectors, integrated wireless controller, and application-level intelligence. The unique case design protects the Access Point electronics from rain, heat, cold, direct sun, and wind.

Wireless LAN Orchestration Management System

The Orchestration System provides everything needed to manage your wireless solution. Administrators can perform pre- and post-deployment planning, configuration, verification, management, and optimization of the Wireless LAN 9100 Series infrastructure.